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Drug The Corpse

"This Sounds Right" CD

Deathbomb Arc

Genres: lo-fi, experimental rock, no-core

Deathbomb Arc
1067 E. Cypress Ave
Burbank, CA 91501 USA

May 31 - Jun 6 2004

Drug The Corpse's This Sounds Right is the perfect destructionist release.  The music is aggressive and noisy, the cover artwork is a handmade, purposefully scrappy collage, and the CDR's surface has been carved into with a sharp implement of some sort.  This defacement, of course, deems part of the disc skippy and unplayable - but that's half the fun.

Whether you will like This Sounds Right depends largely on your appreciation of the Deathbomb Arc ideology, which is largely an avant-garde one.  The sounds on this disc are occasionally tuneful, but they are far from melodic and "catchy."  Most of the accessible moments are produced by means of repeating guitar patterns or hardcore rhythmic blasts.  And even so, the majority of these tracks are based on noise and stray electronic glitches.  This has more in common with Britney Shears than Britney Spears, the former of which doesn't exist.

Drug The Corpse's This Sounds Right is a must for the true destructive no-fi noise fan.  If you can dig a CDR that's been physically designed to skip around and come apart at the end, you'll love this impressively cataclysmic recording.  If you can't - go back to your Zager & Evans reissues.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 9 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2004]