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Driver Of The Year

"Some Girls Would Say..." CD

Future Appletree Records

Genres: indie rock, indie pop, garage rock

Future Appletree
PO Box 191
Davenport, IA

June 14 - 20 2004

Driver Of The Year... strikes me as a bit of an odd name for an indie rock band.  I understand that certain names have unusual stories behind them, but who would actually call themselves that?  Weird.  How's that for food for thought?

But enough banter; this is about the music, not the name.  DOTY plays garage-ish, retro-styled rock music, filled with as much organ and piano as guitar and drums.  There's a very sixties/seventies appeal here, although a lack of hooks and melodic distinction weighs down on Some Girls Would Say's enjoyment factor after multiple listens.

The five minute "Rock N' Roll Revolution" is a fine example - although its bouncy, retro song structure is a nice look back at musical scenes long past, you'd be hard-pressed to hum it back afterwards.  Its melodies just aren't memorable - and that will be a problem for most pop-loving indie fans.  Although there are a few deviations from the theme ("Stuck Up Drunk" is a bit slower than the rest, "Rewind Sometime" has something of a blissful tinge), pretty much all of this disc could use a pop hook power-up; as it is, this album needs a little work - now, it's destined to be a bit of a niche thing.

Approach Some Girls Would Say... with caution; it is still in want of a tweaking.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 7 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]