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Self-titled CD

Serious Business Records

Genres: dance punk, indie rock

December 2005

It's always hard to describe an album like DraculaZombieUSA's self-titled debut. Sure, elements of their music are comparable to all sorts of bands, including subjects like LCD Soundsystem, The Fall, Gang Wizard, and everything in between. It would be more fitting, however, to describe DZUSA as yelling verbal scattergories over fast-paced, spasmodic rhythms, unpredictable synths, and jerky guitar playing. Rarely are these songs overtly melodic, instead opting for a more rhythm-based dance-punk formula; this style is only really changed up for "Thomas Window Paine," a surprisingly infectious, jerky pop song so likeable you might cry a little. The more typical "I Like The Snow" serves as a nice introduction to the DZUSA sound; a jumpity beat sets the tone for a bouncy, bumpy dance rocker with confident, almost spoken vocals that give off a slightly Pixies-esque vibe. Perhaps it's "So Far That I Even Saw The Beginning Of The Universe," however, that truly takes the album's cake; at seven minutes, it's a colossal beast of a song, combining DZUSA's trademark theatrics with a lovely and infectious guitar part. The perfect combination between dance-punk and pop accessibility. Thank you, DraculaZombieUSA, for a thoroughly enjoyable debut.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 7 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2005]