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"Order" enhanced CD


Genres: industrial, electronica

Aug 4 - 10 2003

Order is the first chapter of a three-part multimedia project masterminded by Jacob R. Ross at his dogSolitude_9 studio in Pittsburgh. One part music EP, one part graphic novel, this disc is specially designed to play on both your CD player and your computer.

The musical side of Order is fairly predictable industrial-electronic hybrid material. Harsh, incredibly fast and drilling beats and combined with Terminator-esque synth melodies to create a very cinematic soundscape to compliment the graphic aspect of this release. While the tracks are often familiar-sounding, they are done with enough skill and fluency to thoroughly capture the listener's attention.

The graphic novel part of Order is like a digital comic book. The drawings are well-done and the story is engaging and easy to follow, especially for fantasy and sci-fi buffs (it takes place in the future). I see elements of Total Recall in the plot and the general feel of the story. Jacob has done a nice job with this release, and if he can get it to his target audience, he shouldn't have much trouble maintaining its interest for the next two chapters of his project.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 5 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2001]