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"Structure" CD

Focus Media

Genres: techno

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Apr 21 - 27 2003

Cle-ver.  It took me at least fifteen minutes to figure out that the sample on "Bloody Nose" was actually the pitch-shifted guitar part of Radiohead's "Street Spirit."  Now I feel pretty smart having figured that out.  Even though it was really really obvious.

But even if I hadn't had that wondrous moment of enlightenment, I would still have totally dug Structure like I do now.  It's rare to find a self-released solo effort that's actually worth listening to - let alone a self-released electronica solo effort - but Doc has proven that it is indeed possible.

Blending elements of all sorts of electronic music - from house to gabber to acid jazz and even some minimal techno - Doc effortlessly presents wicked sets of danceable beats, hip-shaking bass, and expertly culled samples.  "8 Mile Styles," a relentlessly foot-moving tune, recalls the "Hackers" soundtrack as well as numerous tracks by Orbital and The Future Sound of London.  "Control" also shares this "Hackers" resemblance, except with a bit more speed and aggression.

All in all, this is a fantastic choice for fans of electronic music who are looking for something from somebody other than the big techno names (Aphex Twin, Plaid, etc.)  Isn't it about time your opened your horizons anyway?


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 9 songs, distributed by the label, released 2002]