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DJ Scotch Egg

"KFC Core" CD


Genre: hardcore techno, gabber, noise

PO Box 39025

E2 8WP

April 2006

Watch out, this shit is harsh. DJ Scotch Egg is ADAADAT's answer to the gabber scene - this is abrasive, vicious hardcore techno with a playful aesthetic and a videogame sensibility. Often the synths lay down 8-bit melodies (most directly on "Tetris Wonderland," a speedcore version of the Tetris theme song.) Scotch Egg seems especially fond of toying with his listeners, pulling you in with elements of rhythm and melody before smacking you in the face with a bushel of noise. Regardless, the music is strangely accessible, formed seemingly with a short attention span in mind (every track is under three minutes, numerous under two). "Scotch Forest" and its raping of "The Hall of the Mountain King" and aggressive "Scotch Heads" are probably my favourite moments here, though it's hard to pick out particular tracks in this record - it all seems to work as a whole. So KFC Core is a bit of a novelty, yes - but if rough, viciously fast beats and a dash of noise are your fancy, DJ Scotch Egg makes no mistake.

MP3s (from Scotch Forest, Scotch Attack


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2005]