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DJ Cider Sigh and the Pisces Abyss

"Enter The Crackbird... 17 Birdhouses" CDR

self released

Genres: hometaper, experimental, electronica

November 2006

Enter The Crackbird... is quite the trip. A batch of 17 tracks by DJ Cider Sigh and the Pisces Abyss, this is a disc of odds n' ends liked by the artist's fans on IRC. It's a weird selection of drum-machine/synth/guitar/etc stuff with mostly spoken vocals laid on top. There are interesting elements to this material, like the atmospherics and bizarre beats of "The Crackbird Has Cometh" and the computer voices of "inda Myspacey", but it's not very cohesive and quite amateurish. I like certain things on this disc, but as a whole record it's a bit much. For the truly adventurous collector of audio strangeness, Enter the Crackbird... might garner a look; otherwise, this thing will likely be limited to the artist's IRC fanbase exclusively. Perhaps it's best left summarized by the last track's title: "You'll Download Anything".


Fun Fact: DJ Cider Sigh's musical career started with 1993's Boxcar Billy Club Justice, recorded at the tender age of 13 under the not at all complicated alias of Chadderboxcarsbillyclubofjustice.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 17 tracks, distributed by the artist, released Aug 2005]