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DJ Cider Sigh & The Pisces Abyss

"Initial Lust (Drain Me, Liar)" CDR

DJatPA Records

Genre: experimental, electronic

May 2006

To quote the press info: "Comprised of slowed down, synthesized vocals that were saying what the acronyms meant but now just sound like darkwave spookiness, as the letters of the acronyms are sung ethereally, accompanied by beats created using FLStudio" Interesting. So these ten songs, each one with an acronym title (except for two untitled ones), are experimental electronic tracks based around slowed-down elongations of those very acronyms. Interesting.

Predictably this record has an air of mystery around it (good luck figuring out the acronyms, if they're even real...), and that's intensified by the mysteriousness of the music. Bizarre slowed-down voices aside, the beats are plodding and slow, and the whole thing carries a dark ambience to it. This means it can become pretty slow and uninteresting at times, and will likely only be truly loved by intense fans of experimental ambient music. This is a somewhat curious artifact, but not one I can see many people becoming particularly smitten by.


Fun Fact: DJ Cider Sigh & The Pisces Abyss has a man behind it, and that man has also come up with a whole shitload of pseudonyms for himself over the years. Here is a list of the more notable ones, as taken from his website: "Chad Eugene, Chad E, C Double E, Psycho C, Sigh In The Shadows, Psyder Sigh, Deicider CE, Deicider X (aka Godkiller Unknown), DJ Cider Sigh & The Pisces Abyss, Abby Pice, MC Abyss, Iconabyss 214, Doctor Andom, Rappa Andom, Superfuryman, Nailz 4 Tha Crucifixion, C.Ewe Inna Darkalley, Psyder C.Ewe, GICEwecider X (aka Gee, I See The Sheep Killer Unknown)"... phew.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks, distributed by, released 2006]