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The Discordian Society

Self-titled CDR


Genres: jam rock, psychedelic rock

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Mar 22 - 28 2004

Normally I don't mind lo-fi production values - often they can be quite effective in creating a deep, personal atmosphere for certain types of pop and experimental music.  However, when hometaper values are crossed with jam band rock music, things don't always turn out peachy.  Take The Discordian Society, a group of long-haired folks who play their own brand of acid rock into what sounds like a partially malfunctioning tape recorder.  Their compositions, somewhat on par with Phish's modern psychedelia, aren't necessarily bad - but they aren't suited to this type of recording.  Though frequently too convoluted, these songs have their positives - "Realize, The Echo of Time" has some neat grooves and "Alien March of Chaos" boasts some solid melodies - and those interested in the genre would be well-advised to check out The Discordian Society live.  But, seeing as this is a record and not a live performance, I can't see why these seven recordings would be coveted by anyone. 


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 7 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2003]