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"Escalade" CDEP

Cause Records

Genre: indie rock, rock

January 2007

Beautifully designed with a wax seal and limited to 1500 copies, Diastole's Escalade EP grabs your eye right away. Fem-fronted indie rock might not be what you'd expect looking at the whole package but that's what you get. And hey, it's as catchy as hell. Opener "Small Measures" and its instantly infectious chorus probably make for the best track on the disc, but that doesn't relegate the rest to filler status by any means. "Hot House People" could be a long-lost Letters To Cleo song, while pump-upper "Little Things Die Fast" sends you for an automatic thrill. Meanwhile, the record's second-best gem, "Leave Yourself Here," wraps you up in its dark, oddly pretty atmosphere and compares showcases singer Ellie Langley's beautiful vocals. Diastole, you owe the world more songs. And pronto.


Fun Fact:

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 4 tracks, 13:26, distributed by ???, released 2006]