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"Origin" CD

Ad Noiseam Records

Genre: electronica, drum n bass, industrial

May 2006

Wow, this is solid. Detritus combines the best elements of industrial and drum n' bass into one dark but thriving electronic sound. This is very mechanical and strangely menacing music, pairing powerful beats with mischievously foreboding atmospheres and longing melodies. Origin is a strong and consistent album, and while it can become a bit repetitive, it has a strong enough sound to keep dark electronic lovers busy.

The fun starts with "Paper Cuts," which starts with an epic, almost churchlike ambient drone before laying down the main beat. The combination of the two offers something somber and something distinctly gripping. It works; this truly is an excellent opener for Origin, setting the dark tone early on. The riveting "Dead Daffodils," meanwhile, carries an urgency and sense of importance like few other pieces of music, and "16 Fingers" pairs an overwhelmingly beautiful melody with electronic rhythms. After the first three whoppers, the album seems to lose a bit of momentum - the music is still engaging, but lacks the immediate melodic epicness of the earliest tracks. Still, there is lots of fine stuff on offer; touching "Dil Wyn" and momentous "Origin Narrative (v3.03)" don't disappoint, while the uplifting synth strokes of "Fable" add a subtle beauty. Also worthy of note are Mothboy's remix of "16 Fingers" and Mad E.P.'s take on "Paper Cuts," included at the end of the disc for good measure.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2005]