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Destination: Daybreak / New Mexican Disaster Squad

Split CD

Breaker Breaker

Genres: punk, hardcore, screamo

Breaker Breaker
PO Box 536071
Orlando FL 32853

Jun 16 - 22 2003

Well.  Straight out of the Orlando punk scene comes these two bands, Destination: Daybreak and New Mexican Disaster Squad, together at last on this snazzy little split CD.

D:D kicks things off with five fem-fronted punk tunes that sound like Yeah Yeah Yeah material sans la edge.  That isn't to say there aren't good qualities to the music.  They have a pleasantly melodic songwriting sense, and they've added some nice Southern guitar riffs to spice things up on many of their songs ("Stealing Home," for example, is startlingly reminiscent of South-borne stoner rock material.)  On the downside, though, this stuff sounds like it was meant to be played live, and the songs aren't exactly solid enough to warrant multiple listens.  While there are many melodies present (at least more than most punk bands can brag about), this isn't the type of stuff you'd really hum or sing along to.

The New Mexican Disaster Squad, meanwhile, takes a more hardcore-dedicated approach to things on their six tracks.  Screamo vocals, heavy guitars, and explosive drumming characterize their half of the CD - it's that good ol' noisy stuff that angers the neighbours while providing you the perfect backdrop to destroying things and/or playing Gameboy.  Tracks like "Bulemia [sic] Makes Me Want To Puke" and "Baker Act" are pure throat-wrenching explosions of anger and viciousness, whereas "L.O.S.T." and "The Boss" hint at a sort of pseudo-melody that fits really well.  All in all, NMDS is a solid hardcore band, but nothing out of the ordinary.

This here is an okay split EP.  I prefer NMDS's side, but Destination: Daybreak will make an average listen for fans of female-vocal punk music.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 songs, distributed by No Idea Distro, released 2002]