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"Ashtray Yoga" CD

Datawaslost Recordings

Genres: indie rock, indie pop, lo-fi

Datawaslost Recordings
P.O. Box 19401
Cincinnati, OH 45219

June 17 -  23 2002

After their brief track on datawaslost's "Building" compilation, I have been deeply anticipating Deltoro's first album.   Well, well - guess what showed up in the ol' PO Box recently?  Why, "Ashtray Yoga"!  That's right, nineteen tracks of pure Deltoro for me to sink my teeth into!  But did it live up to my insanely high expectations?

Yes.   Completely.  Unquestionably.  "Ashtray Yoga" is, without doubt, one of datawaslost's best releases thus far.  Blasting forth with lo-fi recording ethics and abnormal minor-key melodies, this album is both weird and catchy.

"Black Keys", for example, is a seemingly light-hearted tune, but it has an inexplicable eerieness to it that darkens its atmosphere.  Meanwhile, "I'm No Angel" is like a vinegar-drenched folk song - it feels like a jolly sing-a-long, but the minor-key guitar chords lend it a touch of "musical acidity".  As one of the album's best tracks, it's no wonder there's another version of it later on in the cd.

One of the most notable things about Deltoro's style is the feeling of grandeur it harbors.  Every song fills the room like an orchestra of experimental pop, yet still manages to be very cozy and personal.  This is especially evident on "Insert", a creepy, chaotic piece of abrasive pop that feels like a barrage of rocks hitting you, yet still manages to be undeniably pleasant.

So, if you're up to something bizarre, yet catchy; something grand, yet personal; something acidic, yet folky - well, then this is exactly the album you'll want to be listening to.  Does Deltoro seem like a band of contradictions?  Well, perhaps it is, but who cares?  Because there's one thing about them that will never be contradicted - that they're dang good.  So go out and get "Ashtray Yoga"!   NOW!


Matt Shimmer