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The Deletist

Self-Titled CD

Entartete Kunst

Genres: electronica, techno

Entartete Kunst
PO Box 411194
San Francisco, CA

Apr 14 - 20 2003

The Deletist is a one-man (err... one-woman) electronic act out of San Francisco, and this self-titled album is her debut full-length.  Not all of its tracks stand up on their own, but together this disc is quite a trip.  Mind-expanding melodic loops and dense beats characterize the musical tapestry that is this album, and an album this definitely is - you can't just try out certain songs on their own; you have to take all of it in at once to realize its true beauty.

While this is a real album album, there are still some parts of this CD that are more notable than others.  "Americans" is a positively beautiful piece, in all its dark, apocalyptic grandeur, and "The Lure of War and Boredom" is a mesmerizing semi-electropop piece that almost calls to mind DNTEL's "Anywhere Anyone."  "A Clearout" is also a tremendously good track, with a rolling bassline and a strong melodic base.  First track "T.W.A.T," on the other hand, doesn't seem particularly essential, and doesn't introduce the album in an appropriately promising manner.

The Deletist has done lots right on her debut.  The mood is fantastic, and the beats and rhythm are perfect to a tee.  A fantastic flow bonds the tracks effectively, and if you turn up the bass on your stereo these songs can carry you into a temporary euphoria.  The only problem is that the absence of standout "singles" may bother some people - a notable amount of patience is required to fully appreciate the Deletist sound.  A better intro would have also been nice.

Deep, bassy undertones, creepy melodies, mood-establishing beats, and frightening lyrics characterize an album that is dark, unsettling, and yet mysteriously compelling.  Recommended.


Fun Fact: The Deletist has also just released a split 7" with Drowning Dog.  More info here.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 songs, distributed by the label, released 2003]