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Dead Leaf Echo

"Faint Violet Whiff" CD


Genre: rock, indie rock, 80s-style rock

May 2007

Intense. Dead Leaf Echo's six-song ep is energetic and drenched in tension. Opener "Clean" sounds like it's been wound so tight it'll burst any second. "Poison Lips" combines a nice 80s rock sound (think For Against, Echo and the Bunnymen) with a typical U2 "whoo-oo" chorus. This New Wave / U2 obsession continues throughout the entirety of Faint Violet Whiff, with generally consistent results. If it weren't for the 2006 date on the album cover, this could easily be mistaken for a much older release.

"Walking Away" seems to be the major "single" here (there's a video; see below for the link), which makes sense due to its charging momentum and memorable chorus - it is certainly the strongest piece of music on here. The record finishes off in much the same vein as it begins, with pretty "Shell of Love" slowing things down and "Denial" closing the record in raging epic mode. (A questionable "Invisible Kid" remix of "Shell of Love" is tagged on at the end, but the inclusion seems somewhat irrelevant).

Dead Leaf Echo sticks faithfully to its influences, and works because it fully embodies them. This band is definitely worth a look if you dig the whole For Against / The Church / Bunnymen scene, and I'd advise taking a look at their video if you think you're down.

dead leaf echo's myspace


youuuuuuuutube!: video for "walking away"

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 6 tracks + video, 28:59, distributed by the band, released 2007]