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Day of Infamy

"Red Autumn" CDEP

DOI Records

Genres: alternative rock, hard rock

July 18 - 22 2005

Remember Serial Joe?  They were a group of high school students (or was it junior high?) who took the mainstream Canadian rock scene by storm in the late nineties.  Listening to their hits now, it's hard to see why they ever became popular - their music was hardly good, or even particularly catchy; it seems obvious they were little more than a novelty.

Day of Infamy is Jeremy Morris (age 19), Jeff McMahan (15), Michael van den Berg (16), and King van den Berg (11).  Yes, you read right: eleven.  Their music is standard alternative rock - no frills (aside from their age), just plain, mainstream-style hard rock.  However, aside from decent technical skills and some surprisingly solid drumming for an 11-year-old, there isn't much here to hold my attention.  The band presents one full song and two short bits of other tracks.  There isn't anything bad about the music; it's just far too derivative and bland to stand out.  I've listened to this EP several times, and I still can't remember anything about any of the songs.

For now, Day of Infamy has a good enough sound to blend in with the myriad of other bands in its niche; fortunately, the average age of the band members means they'll have time to experiment and differentiate their music before they make another record.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 3 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2004]