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David Liberty

"Labyrinth of Leers" CD


Genre: soft rock

June 2006

Israeli born Canadian David Liberty constructs inoffensive soft rock songs with sub-par melodies, often comically annoying vocals, and those lame horns that always seem to show up in the genre. Labyrinth Of Leers is his latest effort, and I really can't imagine many people wanting to hear it. The music rarely transcends the mediocre, and if it weren't for the odd bit of interesting storytelling (depressing domestic tale "Stainless Steel Champagne Saucer" comes to mind) amidst the terribly derivative love songs, there'd be nothing here worth writing about. Perhaps this stuff sits well with the soft rock folks, but after enduring a warbly mess like "You And Me" I never want to hear Liberty's voice again.


Fun Fact: From the press sheet: "The answers may not be pretty in David's songs and that is because the questions, the journeys and the final destinations are the true rewards."

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks, released 2006]