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David Aaron

"12:00 Scenery" CD


Genres: pop, rock

Sep 26 - Oct 3 2004

David Aaron's 12:00 Scenery is a lazy album. The songs themselves have a bit of a lazy sound to them, but this particular aspect is not by any means a bad thing, and contributes to the overall sound of the album. To clarify that I did in fact intend that opening comment to sound negative, however, I'll start with the criticism - as there's no negotiating that this is a boring album. The bland song construction and delivery obviously are negatives, and overall there just aren't enough positives to make up for the fact that this is ultimately not worth repeated listening. However, various flashes of quality give indication that this could have been a much better album.

The main problems are very simple. Most prominent is the issue of excessive repetition in the songs. There just aren't enough hooks to warrant a constant interest throughout each track, and the melodies aren't creative enough to power whole songs on their own. It seems like this is something that would be easily remedied with just a bit more thought and effort, but unfortunately it is just not there.

While it's generally an uncreative album, when Aaron does take the time to be clever in his songwriting it really shines through. The poetic "Close My Eyes" and the haunting "Outcast City" are pleasant departures from the monotony of "You and Me" and "So Tired". While the majority of the album isn't good enough for the listener to really care, Aaron demonstrates that he does have the potential to create good songs.


Engelbert K. Mutton

[Vitals: 10 tracks, distributed by CD Street, released 2003]