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"The Most Famous Heroes" free web-EP

-N Net Label

Genres: electronica, techno

November 2006

The Most Famous Heroes is a set of five tracks, each one representing a different character in some sort of weird world Dataman has fabricated. Best of all, it's available for free at this tremendous Japanese netlabel's website, If that wasn't enough to convince you, perhaps the promise of beat-oriented glitchy techno will.

Dataman makes intelligent but mesmerizing electronic music; from the quirky keyboards of "Mr. Energy" to the warped rhythms and melodies living in "Mr Sunshine", this is thoroughly entertaining stuff. There's an acid house flavour in most of this music, but with a more modern and experimental flare; still, from a melodic and beat standpoint this does not lose the audience's attention. Well-timed grooves and vocal pieces keep smiles on faces from start to finish. With all the boring electronic music coming out today I'm glad there's a guy like Dataman out there to do it right while still maintaining a sense of intrigue, and, perhaps most importantly, humour.



Fun Fact: The characters on The Most Famous Heroes are all based on the artist's trademark ASCII art.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 5 tracks, 31:25, distributed FREE ONLINE by the label, released 2006]