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Darryl Blood

"This Isn't Goodbye" CD


Genres: indie pop, folk-rock, indie rock

PO Box 2192
Bloomington IN

Jun 23 - 29 2003

Darryl Blood is an LA singer / songwriter who is celebrating the release of his second full-length with This Isn't Goodbye.  Sounding like a more upbeat Chris Cacavas, Blood has crafted eight mercilessly infectious tunes that blend a sixties flare with a more folky version of indie rock.

Things start off with the peppy "Happy Today," which is an alright opener but far from the album's best song.  "Stool Pigeon" then picks up the slack with Elliott Smith-style vocals and Sparklehorse-esque songwriting.  The lyrics are well-written, rich in imagery and intelligent thought.  As the album progresses, the songs become better and better.  "True Hearts" is Eels pop with hooks that will melt your heart.  "All Confused" is the record's quiet gem.  And "Moral Lies" is the record's classic - a depressing, dark wade through all that makes pop music beautiful.  This is the type of song that made Chris Cacavas' Bumbling Home from the Star one of last year's best albums.

All in all, This Isn't Goodbye will please indie rock fans looking for something a bit less rock and a bit more pop.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 8 songs, distributed by the label, released 2003]