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The Darby and Joan Club

Self-titled CD

Independent Records

Genre: rock, pop, indie rock

August 2007

Not the slickest of releases, The Darby and Joan Club's debut album is, regardless, a surprising catchy pop record with a strong Dream Syndicate sound. Following a bland opening number, this record reveals some tasty little nuggets vaguely reminiscent of The Strokes' first record. "I Don't Know Why..." is an earnest and catchy song whose verse and pre-chorus are probably its best assets. Also strong is the very Dream Syndicate "All the Same," with its bouncy guitar line and 80s-style production - this could be the best song on this record. Many songs on this disc could be classified as filler, though no track is without an easily discernible melody. As far as straightforward pop music goes, The Darby and Joan Club do a good job of maintaining a solid level of songwriting throughout this record.

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Fun Fact: An actual Darby and Joan Club is a British club for senior citizens, following from the term "Darby and Joan" which is used to refer to an old and mutually devoted couple.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 9 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2007]