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"One/Three" CDR

Ghostly International

Genres: nouveau hip-hop, clip-hop, idm

Ghostly Int'l
322 S. State St #4
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Sep 9 - 15 2002

It takes someone with an insanely great sense of beat to create songs like those heard on One/Three, yet any ordinary fool is able to enjoy them. Funny, isn't it?
Dabrye is the newest young face on the nouveau hip-hop scene, and he's certainly been making splashes in the genre's proverbial puddle. Loose yet complex, Dabrye's work could perhaps be better called clip-hop, as he seamlessly manages to blend IDM's intelligent maturity with the regular booty-shaking rhythms of hip-hop. But don't think the inclusion of some IDM elements will deem this restrained and boring; in fact, One/Three is whole truckloads of fun - that album that can get you're toe-tapping every time, even if you're trying to remain perfectly still.

Every one of Dabrye's songs are perfectly arranged; each one uses only a bass line, a beat, and a bit of melody, except everything is twisted and contorted in every way imaginable, so it always manages to remain fresh. It's crazy - Dabrye will have you going ba-da ba-da ba-da da-da, ba-da ba-da ba-da da-da over and over, but will then, all of the sudden, just jump into da-da-da ba-da-ba-ba d-d-d-da ba-da and you're brain will be all "WHAT?" but you'll body will just keep moving along, on and on. "With a Professional", for example, sets a laidback beat, yet constantly curves the track this way and that, still managing to keep the flow intact. Meanwhile, "The Lish" poses a fantastic, jazzy melody with the beat, "So Scientific" is a funky stop-start bounce track, and "I'm Missing You" is a smooth, spacey orchestra of beats.

One/Three isn't for any specific type of person; it isn't solely for nouveau hip-hop fans, it isn't only reserved for IDM purists. It's for everyone. It's a genre-defining classic. Too bad I only heard it this year, otherwise it would have certainly been on 2001's top-ten list.

Fantastic. Insanely fantastic. You'll feel cool listening to this.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 35 min 11 sec; 10 tracks; distributed by Forced Exposure; released 2001]