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"Pop Tunes?" CDR

Yuffie's Sub Quest

Genres: glitch, experimental, noise

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April 20 - 27 2002

D-503 is a pretty big outfit on the noise scene.  In the same realm as Anaphylaxis and Vok, the crazy noisician sure makes some good stuff.  It is for that reason that I was not surprised to discover that "Pop Tunes?" is a thrillingly enjoyable listen.   Comprised solely of the sounds of skipping or "otherwise manipulated" pop music CDs, the tracks on this album feature no hooks, no (recognizable) melodies, and no standard beats, but are still glitchy masterpieces of noise.

It is very hard to determine where the original sources came from for this album; the actual pop music is so distorted that discovering the original songs is like uncovering ancient artifacts in an archaeological dig.  At the end of one song, the phrase "I'm not in this business to see kids die" is repeated over and over.  At another point, a short snippet of a guitar riff is heard - and a female voice is recognizable on "Paper The Walls."  But, that's pretty much all the accessability you're going to get on these eight pieces of glitch.  But, after all, noise music isn't about accessability, is it?  Noise is only accessable to those who appreciate it.

From start to finish, "Pop Tunes?" is sure to impress.  I mean, why listen to carefully-contructed pop songs when you can listen to carefully-deconstructed pop songs?


Matt Shimmer