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The Cuts

"2 Over Ten" CD

Birdman Records

Genres: rock n' roll, garage rock, country rock

Birdman Records
PO Box 50777
Los Angeles CA

Nov 10 - 16 2003

Yeah, I dig this.  Whoo!  It's hard not to.  The Cuts' brand of garage-calibre, country-swagger, blues-rockin', bar-hoppin' rawk n' roll will cure what ails ya, and make ya talk like this to boot.

With guitar, bass, drums, and keys by their side, The Cuts work with retro concepts to blend themselves up something decidedly new.  Think Nuggets, Jon Spencer, Television, and a bit of The Supersuckers all ground up and mixed together.  The spunk and energy of opener "How Can I Get Through" is pure Cuts and it's so good you'll be shocked there are 11 songs after it.  Even in 2 Over Ten's calmest moments, for example "Flip A Coin," they have their attitude and passion in check.  That's what this is all about.

One of the most attractive elements of The Cuts's sound is that it's so dang catchy.  A sure fan favourite has got to be "Mr. W's Holiday," a driving, sharp-shootin' slab of rawk with a terrific build and release song structure.  You will be won over, and you'll wish you could be there to see The Cuts play it live in a dark, smoky old bar.  "Paradise" is also a fun, infectious romp worthy of attention.

Overall, The Cuts' 2 Over Ten is another winner for Birdman Records.  Even if you aren't an avid fan of the genre, this will be an album for you.  Heck, this is an album for everybody.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 1 2 tracks, distributed by Tone Vendor, released 2003]