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Crestview Trust

Self-titled CD


Genres: rock, indie rock

November 2006

Reviewing rock music can get extremely boring at times, and that's because most bands don't feel it necessary to actually try and do something clever with their music. For every Crestview Trust there are countless bands who consider by-the-books rock music completely sufficient. Guess what? You're all assholes.

Right from the spasmodic guitar start of "Somersaults" I knew these folks weren't gonna leave me teetering at the edge of satisfaction like all the others. This is - dare I say - innovative rock music that forges its own space but doesn't - and here's where things get interesting - sacrifice listenability. Catchy and clever? Does it come in bottled form too?

But before I become victim to my own enthusiasm, what is it about Crestview Trust that works so well? After much deliberation, I think I've figured them out: they combine lush and universally comforting melodies with subtly jerky composition and equal doses keyboards and slight country twang. It works. Take "Night Radio", with its pulsating rhythm and rolling melody. Or the short attention span and random releases of "You Should Be Told To Be Alone," or the delicate stroll turned jumpy ride of "Jimmy Carter." There's enough variety and innovation in this disc to last awhile. I am very impressed.

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Fun Fact: This album made the Canadian campus/community radio top 200 (no. 164) albums list in July 2006.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 tracks, distributed by CD Baby, released 2006]