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Self-titled CD

Core Records

Genre: power pop, alt rock

June 2006

I appreciate the effort, guys, but this is a little bland. Alternative rock / power pop that sounds like it belongs on the American Pie soundtrack is the name of the game with Crashbox's self-titled album, and it isn't so much bad as it is dime-a-dozen. They list influences like Elvis Costello and The Kinks, but this really sounds like Green Day, Third Eye Blind, et al - though not as impressive. Immediate single "Radio" starts the record off like a declaration of intentions, and "Life of the Party" (opening lines "I thought I would be/Something more than ordinary/But I'm waiting around/I'm just counting back from ten...") drives the point home. Derivative sound, angst-ridden lyrics... though, I will say, this is catchier than most similar albums I receive. Clearly these folks have the potential to gain mass acceptance - heck, their singer is a dead ringer for Billie Joe Armstrong - but I find it unlikely they'll break out of their local scene without major label marketing. Over twelve songs, these guys stick to the power pop book as far as style goes, and in turn give twelve reasons why nothing's going to set them apart from the rest. Sometimes a little spice is required to keep things interesting, guys.



Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks, distributed by Amazon, released s2006]