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Cowboys and Indians

"Hallucination Offense" CDR

Heat Retention Records

Genres: improv rock, experimental rock

Heat Retention
63 N.3rd St. #407 Brooklyn NY 11211

Nov 15 - 21 2004

If comparisons are what you're after, Cowboys and Indians is like a less polished, brass-free Sweep the Leg Johnny.  They've got the rock element in there, but their sound is packed with guitar-led free jazz, as well - giving the sound a melodic yet improvised style.  The Hallucination Offense EP is packed with a wide array of noises, including throbbing bass, free percussive rhythms, and layers of quirky electric guitar.  Most of the songs have vocals, but, in a somewhat Slint-esque vein, they seem to be spoken rather than sung ("Next Star To This Star," "Weird").  The music is very experimental and erratic, with distant melodies buried under layers of stray sounds.  "Untitled #2" is my favourite moment on the EP; it combines a creepy atmosphere with juicy guitar and some droning, eerie vocals - the bassline and percussion holding it all together could be its most accessible element.  Hallucination Offense is a strange and exciting EP; as far as experimental rock goes, this disc is a truly satisfying artifact.


Fun Fact: Hallucination Offense comes in a beautiful, homemade cardboard cover.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 7 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2004]