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Corn Crop and the Seven Donkeys

"Hey Pop!" 7"

Mungler Winslowe

Genres: indie rock, experimental rock, noise rock

Mungler Winslowe
PO Box 150671
Brooklyn NY

Nov 17 - 23 2003

The liner notes list the record's "seven donkeys," all of whom are credited as playing bass guitar, before explaining that none of the appear on the actual record itself.

Only Corn Crop was actually involved in the creation of the seven-inch's two songs.

Funny, that.

The music itself?  I'll tell you, I was expecting some sort of irritating, needlessly noisy hodge-podge of electronics and improvised sound.  Instead, I got a bizarre rock record with equal flashes tomfoolery and brilliance.

The first song is "Health Department," which melds a high-octane guitar and drum assault with remarkably humorous lyrics ("I wanna be your couch potato/I wanna eat your chicken sandwich").  The combination makes you think you're listening to some new ultra-hip indie rock act, but then you hear what they're singing about.

Side B is host to the title-track.  With a considerable Frank Zappa influence, Corn Crop brings us a lot of wacky guitar-and-vox pseudo-funky groove goofiness.  In its jerky, spasmodic way, it's a convincingly rockin' tune.

This is a bizarre record, but also a good one.  If you can dig a bit of wacky, groovy experimental rock, this'll be perfect for you.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 2 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]