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"From Now On Now" CDEP

Morphius Records

Genres: garage rock, indie rock

PO Box 13474
Baltimore MD

April 2006

The cover art does not prepare you at all for what this quartet does on From Now On Now, an EP of messy, disgruntled garage-rock sounding something like The Strokes and French Kicks filtered through a car accident. No joke, this is tight modern indie rock with every element just slightly off-kilter, be it the lovingly out-of-tune, grimy vocals or the noisy, ever-so-slightly discordant guitar chords. "Eva," for example, reminds me strongly of The French Kicks - but the guitars are too cutting, the sound too messy and chaotic... and while words like "messy" and "discordant" are often used to put music down, here it puts Coffinberry ahead of their predecessors, formulating a unique and very successful sound of its own. The plodding "Nightlife" is one of my favourite moments on the record; every line seems like a nearly insurmountable effort for singer Nicholas Cross, while the careless guitar work adds an even more dire mood to the mix. "Seven Months Gone By," meanwhile, sees the band living up to its Strokes/Walkmen comparisons, while the mesmerizing hooks of "Cruise Control Psycho" and "Oh Elise" make them the most viable singles on the record. If Coffinberry can keep this up and even - SHOCK! - improve, they're gonna have one helluva career ahead of them.

MP3s (from Cruise Control Psycho, Seven Months Gone By


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 7 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2005]