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"Art & The Blood of Life" CD

Wise Records

Genres: alternative rock, pop-punk, emo

May 24 - 30 2004

Coexist's Art & The Blood of Life is an above average alternative rock disc, packed with power riffs, emotional, yelled vocals, and explosive drumming. It isn't as whiny or boring as many of its genre's co-inhabitants, though it shares the same sort of angsty rock formula. While none of these tunes would really work as singles, some of the less aggressive tracks could be used as the soundtrack to some sort of American Pie-esque teenage party film.

Alt rock kids and pop-punk fanatics could definitely be interested in this album; overtly melodic tunes like "Hold On" and "Momentum" are supplemented by less infectious - but more explosive - songs like "Conscience" and the metal-based "Shallow." This formula has certainly been done before, but those who like to stick to the basics may actually be comforted by that fact. Certainly, there is a market for Art & The Blood of Life, so long as it is promoted correctly. A lot may rely on what type of fanbase Coexist already has.

Granted, this album may not be appreciated by many true music fans, but for alternative rock and emotional punk enthusiasts, this could be a very wise pick-up. This is louder and more metal-based than most alternative rock, but that could be a good thing.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2003]