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"Line0001" CDR

Magical Princess Records

Genres: electronic pop, pop, singer / songwriter

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Sep 22 - 28 2003

COBOL mastermind George Edward Green III creates this brand of home-produced, electronic-reliant pop that essentially lays half-said/half-sang vocals over an electro backdrop.  While Green has some really good ideas and does show a strong melodic understanding, lots of his second album, Line0001, sounds thrown-together and amateurish.

A large part of the problem with this disc lies in the disjunction between the vocals and the electronics.  The electro rhythms are often completely off (this is especially notable on the first two tracks) and the vocals are at a poor volume with the other components of Green's songs - usually too loud.  Not only that, but Green's vocals are frequently either monotonous or bored and la-la ("Come What Will").

However, there is a good side to this problematic album.  Opener "Do I have your attention yet?," despite its rhythmic and production problems, is undoubtedly a strong tune melodically - its dark, noir-esque nature assures this - and typical COBOL number "Taligent" is particularly spirited and infectious.  "Pretty Little Thing Like You," meanwhile, boasts an interesting atmosphere and some very solid loops, but suffers from vocals that don't blend with the electronic accompaniment.

All in all, this is an album with a number of problems; it shows off good ideas but is held back by amateur techniques and major production faults.  Okay for a personal project, Line0001 is destined to suffer from limited public appeal.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 tracks, distributed by COBOL, released 2002]