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Churchill's Tractor

"Sonic Colonic" CDR


Genres: lo-fi, hometaper, diy pop

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May 17 - 23 2004

Sonic Colonic is the second album I've been sent from chronic hometaper Churchill's Tractor (aka John Churchill), and like the last one (Operation:Bootyslap!), it's a tremendously melodic, poorly recorded, and extremely enjoyable release for the DIY generation.  The songs are all very spirited and catchy, much like the 'rockier' offerings of MJB, R. Stevie Moore, Ken Clinger, and company.

Due to this genre's obvious sound limitations, it is at its best when the melodies are strong and the pop hooks are in abundance.  "Hot Tamale" and its infectious, folk-influenced chorus is easily the best tune on this disc; despite a hokey ending, its catchy charm makes it one of the better lo-fi bedroom recordings I've heard in a long while.  Churchill's Tractor's other songs also follow a similar formula, frequently using electric guitar to spice things up.  "Sweetie Pea" is a fine bit of jam rock tinged pop and the title-track has an above average, lo-fi sound. 

As a whole collection, some of these tunes can get a bit boring and repetitive ("Four-Track Mind" is clever but melodically dull), though there should be plenty of truly enjoyable songs here to please most hometaper collectors.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks, distributed by the artist, released 2003]