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Christina Ward

Self-Titled CDR EP

Kozy Kitchen Records

Genres: pop, singer / songwriter

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Jun 30 - Jul 6 2003

Christina Ward is a pop singer / songwriter from Philadelphia who has just released this six-song EP.  The songs, which all have one word titles, combine a modern vocal style (think Nelly Furtado, etc.) with less conventional instrumentation courtesy of cello, piano, and classical guitar, among others.  This amalgamation of styles is easy to listen to, yet still interesting and fresh.

Ward's songwriting is also a plus.  Taking a modern popular song approach, Christina creates warm, pleasant tunes that rely heavily on the vocals.  This sound will probably appeal mostly to fans of the "adult alternative" scene.  My favourite song was "Better," a laidback, peaceful ride that is really made complete by the inclusion of a short trumpet bit.

Though Ward's audience may be a bit limited (appeal among the mainstream kids seems to be a bit of a stretch), she has the talent and creativity to make popular "adult alternative" radio stations' playlists - and to be ten times better than most of the stuff already on them. 


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 6 songs, distributed by the artist, released 2002]