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"The Party" CD

Future Appletree Records

Genres: indie pop, indie rock

Future Appletree
PO Box 191
Davenport IA 52808

May 31 - Jun 6 2004

Chrash is a fun-loving indie pop band headed by former Tripmaster Monkey vocalist Chris Bernat.  Their songs are very pleasant and melodic, and The Party excels not only due to its accessibility - but also its delightfully lush and positive atmosphere.

All of the songs on The Party are of the same catchiness, which is definitely a good thing.  Although Chrash's sound doesn't vary much throughout these eleven songs, their slick, almost folky sound doesn't become boring at all.  "Burning Bridges" is the perfect Chrash tune - it combines sweet vocals with an elegant instrumental background - comparisons to Quasi and Mercury Rev can be made, although it definitely has its own unique sound.  It isn't difficult to see Bernat's mainstream background coming through in the song - it has a very poppy, alternative-rock feel - however, it's much more draggy and laidback than most popular tunes. "The Sordid Details" is a bit more cluttered and zippy; its combination of juicy guitar hooks and infectious vocals will make a perfect diversion for most pop lovers.

It's hard to say much about Chrash's The Party.  As an album, it isn't brilliant - it's just good-natured, catchy fun.  The pop fan in us all shall surely be satiated by the work of Bernat and co.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 tracks + video, distributed by the label, released 2003]