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Child Bite / Stationary Odyssey

"Physical Education" split EP

Joyful Noise Recordings

Genre: noise rock, experimental rock

May 2007

When it comes to Stationary Odyssey, you don't have to convince me. These lovely noise rockers have put out something like seven million records in the past few years and, if you ask me, they've just been getting better and better. Their last effort, Head! Foot! And the Pink Axe! seemed like first overt evidence of their absolute genius, and hence this quick split EP with Detroit's freaky Child Bite peaked my interest pretty quickly. Could have had something to do with the nifty metal container holding the CD, too (maybe.)

On this offering, Stationary Odyssey take things a bit less instrumentally than their last record (as in, there are vocals) - which means experimental noise-rock is the name of the game. "Your Sex Is Pet" is a weird hard rock anthem with a rough-edged darkness about it, and "Education Breakdown" is a chaotic trip into pure evil experimental rock. Child Bite is more on the playful end of matters with their two contributions; "Beef Up" is a spazzy and melodic freak-rock number and the hook-y "Do The Physical" is likely the catchiest song on this disc. Expect chant-along half-sung/half-spoken choruses (currently all the rage at indie shows!) combined with spasmodic, stuttery song structures.

Hooray! At eight bucks Physical Eductation ain't the cheapest, but its metal case may make it the nicest lookin' dame in your record collection.


youuuuuuuutube!: child bite live, stationary odyssey "my baby is black" video, stationary odyssey live

Fun Fact: Oh boy. Corresponding with their no-longer-instrumental sound, Stationary Odyssey has recently recruited Mike Farmer ("aka Kentucky Prophet"), who has previously been seen as the "Music Geek" on Comedy Centrals' Beat The Geeks.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 4 tracks, 14:20, distributed by the label, released May 29, 2007]