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Charlie West

"Confuse My Fuzziness" CD

Parapsychosis Records

Genres: folk-rock, rock, psych-folk

Jan 12 - 18 2004

Charlie West, aka "The Psychedelic Folkster," is going to have to fix his cover art next time around.  This carbon-copy crap is just awful, a horror to the eyes.  Thankfully the music is much better.

West's style sees him combining elements of psych (spacey guitars, psych-y melodies) and folk (largely acoustic format, 'troubadour' atmosphere), and on many of the tracks this is very successful.  The first four songs are especially pleasant, and will likely be enjoyed by many listeners, especially those turned on by inoffensive, simple pop music.  "Feel Not," one of the album's best tunes, is a terrific acoustic pop song that anyone will enjoy - it uses his simple, basic formula, and the results are unspectacular but very enjoyable.

Though this album is likely geared more at adults than anyone else, its terrific songs deserve a full audience.  The abysmal cover art will hamper it, but in actuality Confuse My Fuzziness contains fourteen very catchy folk-pop tunes.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 14 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]