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Champagne Francis

"Waterskis" CDR-EP

Whoa! Bess Music

Genres: indie pop, indie rock, lo-fi

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April 2002

I've always had a fondness for demo releases; the feeling of sitting down an listening to an obscure little artifact is certainly special.   Here, Champagne Francis has created a nice little demo CDR, and, although there is nothing new, Champagne Francis still manages to provide a collection of five catchy songs to the listener.  Brimming with home-recorded, acoustic pop, the "Waterskis" EP is a light, simple affair; although this particular artifact isn't anywhere near to the best there is, it certainly shows potential - Champagne Francis just may become a big name on the scene one day.   The songwriting and instrumentation is relatively simple; the melodies are constructed of soft guitarwork and gentle vocals, and are accompanied by a relaxed, and unfortunately boring, drumbeat.  The title track is undoubtedly the best piece here, taking a (slight) cue from the songwriting of Rob Pollard.  Its infectious chorus is sure to get stuck in your brain for ages.   The rest of the pieces all have their own qualities, as well, from the menacing, laidback glow of "New Waves" to the deceptively jolly melodies of "Very Aviary."

Despite its flaws, "Waterskis" is certainly a good demo.  There's nothing fantastic, of course, but every band has to start somewhere.   Given time to mature musically, and money to record in a proper studio, who knows what Champagne Francis is capable of?  We can only wonder...


Matt Shimmer