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Cavendish Sanguine

"Strange Alloys, Rare Earths" CDR

Fflint Central

Genres: experimental, electronic, ambient

Dec 6 - 12 2004

Strange Alloys, Rare Earths is the latest album from Fflint Central act Cavendish Sanguine, and in true Fflint tradition, it occupies the creepy, dark space between electronica and noise.   The tracks are based on haunting atmospheres brought on by mysterious ambiences and experimental glitch noises.  Samples are also used frequently; "Bronze," for example, uses slowed-down speech clips and bird songs to create an eerie juxtaposition between evilness and innocence.

Since the majority of Strange Alloys is based on soundscapes, it doesn't exactly lend itself to general accessibility.  Such a trait would be a problem, but the sincere creepiness that Cavendish Sanguine is able to create here makes for a particularly noteworthy experience.

The most "accessible" tracks on this disc would probably be "Hyderus," "Oss," and the title-track - due to the presence of rhythm in all three of them - but the beats are far from conventional.  All rhythm is cold and experimental, with little variation.  This just adds to the album's dark, mechanical feel.  "Oss" produces a particularly interesting effect - it lays a cold, robotic thump-beat over field recordings from some sort of accordion fest.  The contrast between the joyful sounds of the festival and the dark, depressing metallic rhythms are particularly sobering. 

Strange Alloys, Rare Earths makes me think of grimy gears and slow-moving metal parts.  If you're looking for a chilling reminder of where our world is headed, look no further.  The dark experimental electronics of Cavendish Sanguine will scare you silly.


Fun Fact: Henry Cavendish: "1731-1810 English scientist; discovered composition of water; developed notion of electrical potential; discovered nitric acid; devised Cavendish experiment to determine gravitational constant, density of Earth." sanguine: "consisting of or relating to blood"

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 7 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2004]