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Catfish and the One Eyed Jacks

"The way you move" CD

Tiny Records

Genres: country, folk, blues

May 24 - 30 2004

The design of this release is far from pretty, but the music is of a decently high quality. That is, assuming you like Southern fried blues-folk-country. Catfish and the One Eyed Jacks' main focus is the vocals and the guitarwork of the lead singer, Catfish Stephenson, who is a master of twangy, swinging songwriting. Every tune here is basking in influences as diverse as Johnny Cash, Skip James, Jimmie Rodgers, and even Neil Young. For any collector of old fashioned country-folk, The way you move could make for an enjoyable, effective listen - even if some of the tunes drag on a bit too long and rely on unlasting hooks ("Sweet Intoxication," "Slow and Easy").

The best aspect of this release is its atmosphere, which is country-ish, but still moody and a tad noir-esque. There are plenty of fine songs here, but the disc can sometimes be a bit too long for its own good, occasionally becoming flat-out drab.

The way you move's best moments make it worth a purchase, though a few of the less interesting songs may bear down on its effectiveness as a full album.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2002]