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The Castle of Togetherness

Self-titled CDR EP


Genres: indie rock, experimental pop

July 18 - 24 2005

This EP comes from a relatively obscure band (from the nether regions of who-knows-where?) who play a dreary sort of pseudo-pop. A dark organ submerges these seven songs, with acoustic guitar and decidedly off-key singing coming through from the depths. This has a nice, creepy atmosphere to it, but the music itself isn't much to get excited about. There isn't a successful melody in sight, and the strange singing is too atonal to win any brownie points. As a result, this only really works as a moodpiece - and while it accomplishes that, that isn't enough to hold the listener's attention for the entire EP. For The Castle of Togetherness to be successful, they're going to need to really rethink their vocal strategy. As well, some songwriting elements will need to be modified - better melodies are required. The folky "Spanish Blues" proves that they have some talent (though it suffers from poor vox and bland songwriting), and the whole organ thing is really effective, but this EP needs some considerable changes if it's ever going to be taken seriously.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 7 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2005]