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Case 150

"Ephemera" CDR-EP


Genres: roots-rock, Americana, indie rock

Thom Bissey 25 Honey Road Dillsburg, PA 17019

May 4 - May 11 2002

Case 150 fancy their music to be pretty uncategorizable.  They claim that the only distinction their music has is that it's American.   Although they certainly are American, I beg to differ about their "uncategorizable" style, as the six songs on this album are, quite plainly, American roots-rock.  And if you like the genre, chances are you'll dig this.

The first track, "She Got Home" is, hands-down and feet-up, the best song on this CD.  The melody is as catchy as influenza, minus the weeks of heavy vomiting.  The rest of the songs aren't without their pleasantries, but they aren't particularly notable in comparison to the first one.

By the time your cd player reaches the last of the six tracks on this EP, a country-influenced tear-inducer, you will be having a pleasant, though rather unspecatacular, time.  Roots-rock fans, eat your hearts out.


Matt Shimmer