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Various Artists

"Carpentry" CD

Wood Records

Genres: indie pop, experimental, diy

Wood Records
1604 Central Dodge City KS 67801

April 13 - 20 2002

Wood Records shows no limits in what they release. This compilation, their Fall 2001 sampler, has a little bit of everything on it - from experimental sound to lo-fi pop to ambient glitch to electro pop - and that's just within the first five songs.

Great lo-fi pop songs are contributed by Charles Fyant, Linus, and the Breezeway. Charles Fyant's "Indian Lover" is a particularly excellent song; Fyant wouldn't sound at all out of place on the datawaslost roster. There are also tip top contributions by Italy's LAM and North Carolina's Jon Thompson Orchestra, the latter of which sounds a bit like a lo-fi Radiohead. The rest of the compilation is also excellent. In fact, there's even an excerpt from MWF's wonderful epic, "Monster Karaoke." There's something for (almost) everyone here, providing you don't mind the homemade approach to it all.


Matt Shimmer