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Carina Round

"Slow Motion Addict" CD


Genre: singer / songwriter, rock / pop

May 2007

Carina Round, Interscope's latest singer/songwriter catch, really brings on the melody with Slow Motion Addict, a competent pop/rock album high on hooks and low on bland bits. I don't know if this will break into the youth market so much, but it might make a dent in the adult alternative market and will appeal to fans of Ivy and that ilk. The best song here is undoubtedly lead single "Come To You," with its momentous, empowered chorus. I wouldn't be surprised to hear this on a TV show soundtrack sometime soon. A few of the better songs have a sort of dark mystery about them, which is a style I encourage Round to pursue (see "Down Slow," "January Heart," and "The Disconnection.") Some of the songs do let the listener down a bit ("How Many Times" is dry, "Takes the Money" has potential but doesn't live it up, and the title track sacrifices melody for atmosphere), but the majority of this disc is a lush, catchy body of pop music. Swell!

mp3s (from


youuuuuuuutube!: "down slow" video, live acoustic video of "come to you"

Fun Fact: The release of Slow Motion Addict was pushed from August 2006 all the way to May 2007.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks, 45:52, distributed everywhere, released May 22 2007]