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Burton L.

"Spy Life" CDR

Omega Point Records

Genre: synth-pop, electro punk

Omega Point
4707 N. Springfield, 2F
Chicago, IL 60625

April 2006

This is a pretty standard Omega Point release. The self-proclaimed "independent electro punk" label, responsible for numerous Monster-0, Mystechs, and Avenpitch albums, has another one with Burton L. Somewhat more melodic than some of the label's releases, Spy Life is a thirteen song romp through electronic pop, techno-punk, and even a bit of funky hip-hop-esque stuff. The marriage between acoustic guitars and electronic beats (not dissimilar from some Notwist material) works very nicely on the instantly memorable "Need" and "Spy Life." The more electronic synth-pop stuff like "It's So Easy (To Love You)" and "Planet Kid" also really works, using nice melodies and warm atmospheres to produce a really great feel. Meanwhile, unique tunes like the strangely Roni Size-esque "Soft To A Dead Man" and creepy "Can't Breathe" also contribute to the fun. It's only the more abrasive tracks (alt. rock-y "Maze," electro-punk "Real Ize") that wear out their welcome, and most of these seem to be concentrated near the end of the record. Overall, I enjoyed Spy Life quite a bit - aside from the blips near the album's end, I'm very impressed.

MP3s (from Groggy, Maze


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 13 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2004]