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Burn Like Nero

"Theory of Operation" 3" CDR


Genres: synth-pop, new wave, electro pop

Burn Like Nero
193 W. Hazeltine Ave
Kenmore, New York 14217

Dec 1 - 7 2003

Synth pop can sound pretty weird, but gosh... "Fading Away" is almost humorous in its bizarreness.  Which is a good thing in this case, as Burn Like Nero's 3" CDR EP, Theory of Operation, is the first step this young band is taking in making a name for themselves.

Over three songs, Burn Like Nero manage to make a really strong impression.  "I, Computer" starts off the disc as a hokey yet undeniably infectious romp that lays New York rock vocals over a MIDI-esque background (Anton Maiden?)  The lyrics sing of the inner yearnings and human-like "emotions" of a personal computer.  "Fading Away," meanwhile, combines a videogame-like structure with a remarkably enjoyable, unconventional chorus.  Weird, but dang fun.  But the best song on this three-inch mini-CDR is sans doute "Cities and Stars," a laidback, spacey voyage that is as beautifully melodic as it is wonderfully melancholic.

This is a very promising EP from a new, unusual videogame-cum-synth-pop band.  I'm looking forward to the full-length.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 3 tracks, distributed by Intellectos, released 2003]