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Bull Anus

"Enter The Anus"

Mandragora Records

Genres: harsh noise, noise, experimental

Mandragora Records P.O. Box 936 Northampton, MA 01061

April 13 - 20 2002

I just had to chuckle when I first caught a glimpse of this album as it came out of it's mailing package.  I mean, how can you take this seriously?  The band's name alone is jokey, and the big picture of a bull's rear end on the cover doesn't help matters.  The truth is, though, that this is pretty serious noise music.   Actually, it's not only serious - it's good.  From the label that releases "pure psychedelic noise" comes a funky batch of ear chaos that is sure to get your brain pulsating.  Or at least quivering.

"Beefry," for example, is a piece of harsh noise that's been injected with crazy broken beats; listening to it will make you want to move (even if this so-called "movement" is actually just violent spasms).   Other tracks, like "Scar" and "La Purga" are more atmospheric and relaxing, while "Anus Strain" and "Robotonk" are glitchy and complex.  All around, Bull Anus has released a great selection of noise.  If you like your noise abrasive, you'll totally dig this!


Matt Shimmer