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The Brother Kite

"Waiting for the Time to be Right" CD


Genres: indie rock, shoegazer

November 2006

My, look how far these folks have come. I remember loving their demo a long while ago, but now they're on their sophomore album for Clairecords and they sound like the epic shoegazey rock band they've always been hinting at becoming. And while I miss the more humble approach of their older gems, this disc's earth-shattering momentum has an appeal all its own. The explosive three minute introduction to keyboard-led opener "The Coat of Arms" sets the stage perfectly for Waiting for the Time to be Right - massive, building peaks and valleys of melody and introspection.

All of The Brother Kite's new polish to their sound could garner them a bit more attention from other fanbases - the chiming guitars of "Out of Sight" wouldn't feel out of place in a dramatic O.C. break-up scene this season, while "Get On, Me" has all the makings of a mini indie rock anthem (if it can catch on). Curiously, I found the title track to be one of the least interesting and infectious songs on the disc, but this wasn't much of a problem within the context of the whole record. Even the later songs (like uplifting "Hold Me Down"), which didn't jump out at me right from the get-go, became some of my favourites upon further listening.

Interestingly, a number of the more understated parts of this album prove successful - the minor-key melody in the non-climactic parts of "The Finest Kind" is delicious, while the album's closing song, "Never In Years" has a distinct sound from the rest of the music yet emerges as one of its most enjoyable romps. Thank you, TBK - and don't stop doing what you do.

mp3s (from get on, me (excerpt)


Fun Fact: Clairecord's label code is fern###; so, Waiting for the Time to be Right is coded fern064.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks, 44:04, distributed by Tone Vendor, released 2006]