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Brian Osborne

"Music Concatenate" CD


Genres: experimental

Mar 8 - 14 2004

This time I won't try to be pretentious and avant-garde.  Brian Osborne's Music Concatenate bores me.  I wouldn't have expected to like seven compositions of percussion-only experimental music, and in the end I didn't.  I suppose I lack worldliness and 'culture', but there's no way I'll ever want to listen to this disc again.

Which is probably unfair.  After all, these sparse, quiet pieces of music aren't all bad.  Osborne's minimal use of discreet, hushed percussive instruments is sometimes enlightening in its subtlety.  The opening number, "Iae, tired of darkness, thoughts begin to crescent," for example, is surprisingly pleasant in its clinky, mystical quietness.  But when you get accustomed to the album's novelty, you begin to realize its problems.  Melodies?  No.  Gripping rhythm?  Hardly.  Structure?  Err...

Obviously, Music Concatenate is the type of album that only appeals to experimental diehards.  If you like stuff like The Glass Orchestra, or some of Cage's quieter, less structured stuff, then this album [and others from the Microearth collective] may be a winner.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 7 tracks, distributed by Microearth, released 2003]