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Brian and Chris

"3" CD

Dielectric Records

Genres: instrumental rock, post-rock, electronic

Dielectric Records
472 1/2 Alcatraz Ave
Oakland CA 94609

Mar 28 - Apr 3 2005

The Dielectric label is mostly known (by me) for their electronic and experimental music, but on 3 Brian and Chris comes off as more of an instrumental rock act, with elements of post-rock embedded within.  "Crossing" is my favourite track here; it is propelled by a wonderful, ringing guitar part that feels very urgent and momentous.  A bit of this record is bland (the lengthy "Matin," for example, can become drab at times); sometimes it seems as if 3 is best appreciated as background music.  When used atmospherically, this disc really is quite impressive - it makes for a perfect moodpiece, and manages to add an elegant feel to any environment.  Be it the rootsy feel in the guitar chords of "Hey Rube" or the relaxed loungey atmosphere of "Sakura," there's more than enough here to please most sofa listeners.  Keep an eye out.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 6 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2004]