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Brian and Chris

"Palimpsest" 12"

Dielectric Records

Genres: electronica, electro

Dielectric Records
472 1/2 Alcatraz Ave
Oakland CA 94609

Sep 26 - Oct 3 2004

The only thing Palimpsest's tracks have in common with most electronic music is their studio-affected nature.  Much of this is unclassifiable, be it the abstract ambience and skippy techno of the opening title-track or the electro-rock of guitar-led "I Can Hear It In My Truck."  Brian And Chris prefer to think of themselves as an acoustic/electronic hybrid act rather than a pure "techno" outfit, and that comes across plainly through these four tracks.

The pivotal element of Palimpsest is definitely the guitar - while the opener may be completely axe-free (the bass is featured much more prominently), the other songs are brimming in riffs, plucks, and strums.  "I Can Hear It In My Truck" is layered and surprisingly infectious, while the two versions of "Crossing" are uplifting and momentous.  The second mix is a bit more pensive and gradual, however.  This is electronica for rock fans, positioned firmly in pop foundations but glossed up with synthesized beats and studio wizardry.  Impressive stuff.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 4 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2004]